2022-08-09 GMT+8 PM 13:16
Insight Lifetech IVUS Systems received NMPA Approval

There is no end to practice and innovation. Insight Lifetech has been granted NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) approval for its first self-designed and developed IVUS (Intravascular Ultrasound) systems – VivoHeart IVUS console and TrueVision IVUS Imaging Catheter.



VivoHeart and TrueVision are Insight Lifetech’s first self-designed and developed 60MHz high definition IVUS system in China, with the fastest 100FPS ultrasound imaging frequency and 10mm/s pullback speed. Combining with inSmartVision, a high-performance image analysis platform, and excellent maneuverability of the catheter, VivoHeart and TrueVision can provide a more efficient and better quality image information of the vessels in PCI procedure diagnosis for cardiologists.


TRUEVISION and VivoHeart IVUS system’s first show at CTCC 2022
INSIGHTFUL-FFR clinical trial opening ceremony completed successfully in Paris

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