TruePhysio®Rapid Exchange Pressure Microcatheter
product details
Freedom of guidewire selection

Rapid exchange design

Compatible with any 0.014'' guidewire

0.0205'' in-lesion profile with good flexibility

Accurate, convenient and time-saving measurement

CathMEMSTM design guarantees accurate and reliable measurement

2.5mm tip to sensor distance: shorter blind and stiff section

Dual marker design allows for accurate location of sensor

Easy handling for tandem, diffuse, bifurcation, multi-vessel lesions and tortuous anatomy

Less drift occurrence

Less occurrence of clinically significant drift*

No need for disconnection and reconnection of cable during procedures

*SUPREME Study (NCT03541577), Chenguang Li MD et. al. Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2021
Designed for pullback and post-PCI measurement

Guidewire position can be maintained during pullback

No need to rewire after stent implantation

TruePhysio® microcatheter can be maneuvered easily over the guidewire through the stent in a curved vessel for post-PCI measurement*
* TruePhysio® pressure microcatheter data on file at Insight Lifetech
Non-hyperemia index
cRR (constant resistance ratio)

Diagnostic accuracy of cRR (cut-off value of 0.89) referenced to iwFR (0.89) was 97%

Proprietary adenosine-free technology

Pull-back assessment swifter with cRR

cRR is numerically equivalent to iwFR*

* Abstracts of PCR e-Course 2020. Euro20A-OP089

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