2024-04-28 GMT+8 PM 17:49
Insight Lifetech Announces EU MDR Approval for TRUEVISION and VivoHeart IVUS Systems

April. 28th – Insight Lifetech, a leading innovator in medical imaging technology, is proud to announce that its cutting-edge TRUEVISION™ Imaging Catheter and VivoHeart™ IVUS Console have been granted EU MDR (Medical Device Regulation) approval. This milestone marks a significant advancement in the company's mission to provide high-quality, reliable diagnostic tools to healthcare professionals across Europe.


TRUEVISION™ and VivoHeart™ represent a breakthrough in medical imaging, offering unprecedented clarity and accuracy. This advanced system combines high-resolution imaging with sophisticated software algorithms to deliver precise, real-time visualizations of vascular structures. Designed to enhance diagnostic confidence and procedural outcomes, it is set to transform how clinicians approach complex cardiovascular conditions.

EU MDR Approval: A Testament to Quality and Safety

The EU MDR approval for TRUEVISION™ and VivoHeart™ IVUS systems underscores Insight Lifetech's commitment to meeting high quality and safety standards. This approval validates the efficacy of Insight Lifetech's products and paves the way for their widespread adoption across Europe.


About Insight Lifetech

Insight Lifetech is a leading provider of innovative medical imaging solutions committed to advancing healthcare through innovation and quality. Focusing on improving diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes, Insight Lifetech develops and manufactures a range of high-quality systems designed to meet the needs of modern healthcare providers.


For more information about Insight Lifetech and its products, please visit www.insight-med.com.


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