2021-09-06 GMT+8 PM 15:07
Inauguration of CCI Joint Lab for Cardiovascular Imaging & Physiology
Insight Lifetech R&D platform accelerates the innovation of cardiovascular device

       The Center for Cardiovascular Innovations (CCI) is a non-profit non-governmental academic organisation for cardiologists and cardiovascular investigators across the country initiated by the Engineering Research Center for Cardiovascular Interventional Technology and Devices of the Ministry of Education (China). Headquartered in Shanghai, it integrates innovative training programs, design exchanges, research support and industrial cooperation as a whole, aiming to stimulate the innovative potential of front-line clinicians to discover and meet clinical needs, guiding them to actively participate in medical technology and related device research, and further provide them with pre-clinical and clinical research platforms, eventually facilitate the commercialization of Chinese medical technology, boost innovation and internationalization.


       CCI Innovation Engineering Center and Animal Study Center was established on 29 May 2021. It was equipped with advanced imaging equipment such as DSA, 64-slice CT, echocardiography, IVUS, FFR, OCT, QFR, etc. Meanwhile, a number of medicine-engineering joint labs have been established. The laboratory can meet the needs of imaging examinations for interventional and surgical operations, clinical pathological examinations, and biocompatibility testing of medical devices.


       As a high-tech enterprise that independently develops and produces high-performance innovative intervention medical devices, Insight Lifetech has established strategic partnership with CCI, and will participate in various innovative research projects of CCI cardiovascular imaging and physiology joint laboratory to support the innovative development of medical device industry.



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